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We help organizations change the world

We are experts in innovation and capacity-building in the Circular Economy.


Let us help your organization innovate, build capacity and resilience, and take positive impact and success to the next level by unleashing the full potential of the Circular Economy.

Our methodologies combine the most powerful Silicon-Valley-style frameworks for leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation with deep Circular Economy tools and expertise.

Our customers include international successful business and nonprofits in sectors as varied as technology, human rights, telecom, life sciences, education, and the environment.

We teach what we do –and we do what we teach

If you are seeking to learn or build learning experiences in the Circular Economy, you came to the right place. We develop Circular Economy curriculum for UC Berkeley, and at some of the top business schools in the world.





Our Solutions




Circular and Regenerative Innovation

What is possible? What is inevitable?

Can you afford not to act on either?

Let us help your organization innovate towards more abundant, recurrent, and sustainable income, while boosting your resilience and regenerative impact in the Circular Economy.

We combine human-centered methodologies with solid Circular Economy frameworks that will guide you, step by step, towards breakthrough opportunities.


Circular Assessment and Discovery

How will the transition to a Circular Economy impact you?

We are experts in helping and empowering leaders, teams and organizations to discover and assess their risks and opportunities in the Circular Economy, opening your mind to new but actionable ways of thinking –and therefore unprecedented horizons and possibilities.


Capacity Building and Engagement

Are you a Circular Economy practitioner or a mission-driven organization seeking to scale your impact?

The new economy forces us to think differently and understand success with a more collaborative and long-term lens, where value is co-created and regenerated at multiple stages.  Let us help you take your success to the next level, and build a solid roadmap towards more abundance and impact for your organization.




Teaching and Workshop Facilitation

We regularly create and facilitate learning experiences for companies, communities, and organizations. 
We created the online, executive Circular Economy program for UC Berkeley Extension. 

Our courses and workshops are designed as transformative learning experiences that combine academic rigor with immersive, participatory experiences that will empower participants to think differently, while equipping them with practical tools they can start using right away.


Will pay extra for environmental / social products


Prefer to work for socially responsible companies


of CEO's see disengagement and one of biggest threats to business





Billion, lost to lack of employee engagement





Our Clients


We work internationally with meaning-driven organizations and leaders, whether nonprofit or for profit.

These are some of our clients.



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Kumu Thrive is located in the Impact Hub Oakland, which inspires, and sustains people committed to environmental and social action.

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