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We help organizations change the world

We are experts in helping mission-driven organizations fulfill their world-changing potential

Our methodology intertwines the most powerful Silicon-Valley-style frameworks for leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation with effective tools that ensure measurable positive impact for communities and the planet.

We teach our methods at UC Berkeley and some of the top business schools in the world. Our customers include international successful business and nonprofits in sectors as varied as technology, food, telecommunications, life sciences, medicine, and education.

Meaning Driven Innovation is about leveraging your organization’s strengths to create solutions that respond to the emerging competitive landscape of the Meaning Economy

We are ourselves a meaning-driven business.

Through our sister nonpofit organization, Kumu, we gift free incubation and capacity-building to amazing social startups. 

Our Solutions





Thrivability™ is your organization’s capacity to engage with the emerging meaning-driven market and culture.

We use Kumu’s award-winning three-pronged framework to unleash meaning-driven capacity-building at the intersection of current signals and future forces, and reveal an actionable path that propels strategy, innovation, culture change, and success.

This includes strategic planning, fundraising, magnetizing talent, and innovation.

Movement Building

Brands aren’t enough in the meaning economy. The best brands are becoming engaging movements of shared ideas, values, and behaviors.
We use Kumu’s P2D framework to work with you to propel meaningful engagement around your platforms and offerings.
A scientific study on our movement-building work was awarded Best Paper of 2015 by the Academy of Management.

Meaning-Driven Culture Change

“Culture eats strategy for lunch” –Peter Drucker. This statement continues to be an excellent heuristic for the challenges that companies face when building value in the Meaning Economy.
We work with you to create an organizational culture of wellbeing and engagement for greater meaning, happiness, and productivity.




Inner Technologies

Our hearts and our bodies are the most powerful and yet overlooked paths to meaning and innovation.
We are experts at combining the best outer technologies (foresight, design thinking, lean, etc) with ancient inner technologies such as mindfulness meditation, somatic expression, and contemplative art-making.
Hire us to give you an immersive workshop to experience their applied power for yourself.


Will pay extra for environmental / social products


Prefer to work for socially responsible companies


of CEO's see disengagement and one of biggest threats to business





Billion, lost to lack of employee engagement






Our Clients


We work internationally with meaning-driven organizations and leaders, whether nonprofit or for profit.

These are some of our clients.


The Meaning Economy


We are experts in the Meaning Economy, a vibrant, emerging economy that creates value around meaningful experiential interactions.

This new system of value creation places an emphasis on sharing values and resources through collaboration.

Success in the meaning economy is predicated on being able to incite meaningful engagement and co-creative practices that increase value for community members.

The Meaning Economy emerges as an evolution of the declining narratives of post-World-War economics.

In the Meaning Economy products become services, services become platforms, experiences replace ownership, and traditional roles, such as producers, customers, employees, etc. become blurred to look more like partners in the co-generation of value.


The Meaning Economy

How meaning is transforming the economy, and our future

A Forthcoming Book by Kumu Thrive’s Manuel Maqueda

Scheduled to launch in 2017 in paperback and Kindle.

Billion, size of the Sharing Economy

Billion, local & organic food market

Billion traded in P2P Lending Market


We are a group of creative individuals passionate about furthering meaningful cultural change and innovation

Manuel Maqueda

Manuel Maqueda

Meaning and Strategy

Manuel is passionate about ushering an ardent, meaning-driven economy and culture. He is involved in a wide variety of meaningful organizations and leads Kumu, our nonprofit innovation lab for cultural transformation. Manuel holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business, and a Law Degree. He teaches social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and gives workshops and lectures internationally.
Adam Elmaghraby

Adam Elmaghraby

Design & Foresight

Adam is a conjurer of change, working at the intersection of strategic foresight and design thinking. Previously Adam worked at The Institute for the Future and as a guest lecturer at Stanford d.school. Adam has a MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts.
Nadia Chaney

Nadia Chaney

Social Artistry

Nadia Chaney believes in the everyday poetry of life and leadership. Since 2002 she has facilitated well over two thousand events and workshops using the arts for personal and social transformation. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation and a M.A in Imaginative Education. She specializes in engagement, creative risk-taking, process design, and participatory decision-making.
Raquel Santiago

Raquel Santiago

Inner Technologies

Raquel Santiago has mastered a wide range of powerful inner technologies for personal growth, leadership and innovation. Raquel is trained in several types of Yoga and mindfulness meditation, in addition to multiple dance and somatic expression modalities. Raquel is the founder of Alchemy Spinning™, a powerful and yet accessible moving mindfulness practice conducive to creative breakthroughs, transformative insights, and innovation.

Brian Edgar

Brian Edgar

Culture and Collaboration

Brian is passionate about organizational learning, creative expression, self-direction and collaboration. Brian has a PhD from Stanford University, where he taught in the Science, Technology and Society program


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Kumu Thrive is located in the Impact Hub Oakland, which inspires, and sustains people committed to environmental and social action.

2323 Broadway, Oakland, California 94612
Phone: +1 415 295 KUMU